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Search Engine Optimization Services

This area is focused on natural (organic) listings within search engines. These are very popular because they drive roughly 3-10 times more traffic and are extremely cost effective. On the negative side, there are no, and can be no, guarantees for placement at a specific position – what position you get is only partially up to the SEO – the search engine makes the rules. We are just really good at understanding the rules and working with them.

If you are looking for the more expensive, but far more accurate and predicable paid listings within search engines, then please go to our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) area.

In general a truly successful website uses both organic SEO and paid SEM for their overall marketing internet marketing strategy.

SEO Analysis Report

Balaji Web World work with world class organizations and governments that already have talented people working on their website. These people usually know the basics of SEO, but can’t afford to spend 4-6 hours a day doing nothing but SEO research and training to keep up like we do. Now, they don’t have to.

You can have Balaji create an SEO analysis report for your site that encompasses every aspect of SEO, from links to technical setup to cross-browser and usability testing. The report not only contains detailed instructions on SEO, it also contains detailed information on how to fix any problems found.

Many of our clients have told us that it’s basically a personalized SEO training manual and that we should publish it. If you get report, and then put us on retainer to answer questions as needed, you can save a lot of money while maintaining complete control over your site. This service is the one we usually perform for government websites and other SEO and website design firms.

International SEO Services

We are especially skilled in international search engine optimization – if some or all of your customers are in a different country – we can help! Translations, keyword research, localization – everything you need to make your website available to your target country.

Full Service SEO Services

SEO is the core function of Balaji web World – it’s what we do. A full service international search engine optimization firm, Balaji can help promote your website anywhere in the world.

Website Promotion

Website promotion is different from SEO in that it looks beyond the search engines for promotional methods. Email, newsletters, and traditional media can all be used to promote your website, and in turn this website promotion can be used to promote your business.

Link Building

Link building is a very important part of any internet promotion. Link popularity, link saturation, linking campaigns, and link analysis are all key factors in your search engine rankings. We do not use automated tools for link building – it’s all done by hand, using the top resources and our cutting edge link research techniques. We evaluate every single link we get to your website based on 9 separate criteria, in order to make sure it works as hard for you as we do. We can even offer text link broker services to some clients.

SEO Content Writing (SEO Copy writing)

It’s easy to stuff keywords into text – but that makes it very difficult to convert your visitors into customers. Let real search science be the background for your keyword strategy. Real knowledge leads to real results. Of course, once you have the keywords to bring the qualified visitors in, you need them to actually convert to customers!

This site is written in a manner intended to appeal to technically minded decision makers, but we can also write in order to appeal to youth, technophobes, specific gender or age groups, various cultures, or almost any other marketing demographic you may require for your site.

Competition Report – Competitive Analysis

According to expert in The Art of War, the key to success in battle is to first make yourself invincible, then look for vulnerabilities in the enemy. You can’t stop your online opponents from doing a good job, but it makes good tactical sense to know what they are doing right (so you can copy or improve on it) and what they are doing wrong (so you can target those weaknesses). Balaji can create a competition report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your major competition, along with detailed advice on how to use that information to your advantage.

Press Release SEO

A good press release can help promote your website very effectively. Not only do you get your announcement in front of bloggers, writers and journalists, if you organize it right and use the proper methods, those press releases are often posted on other great sites that can provide excellent, on-topic links to you. You get on-topic links, natural click- through, branding and many other benefits just from one well-designed Balaji  has a traditional press background (in addition to his other, rather eclectic, odd and numerous talents) and can help you write a press release that appeals to both search engines and trained journalists.

Search engine optimization is a process, one that must always be revisited and adapted as search algorithms are changed by the search engines. Because SEO is a constant process, it is often pushed to the bottom of the “to do list” of marketers. Be that as it may, resolve not to ignore search engine optimization as it cycles its way through your task list. Give search engine optimization the attention that it deserves.

There are few things that you can do that will result in virtually “free” traffic, and therefore SEO deserves both time and attention.

1. Unique Titles

Every page should have a unique title that relates to what is included on that specific webpage. Do not make the mistake of using the same title on every page on a website.

2. Unique Descriptions

Each and every webpage within a website should contain a unique meta tag description. Audit web pages and develop summary descriptions of the page’s contents; including critical keywords and phrases.

3. Robots.txt

Check the webpage’s robots.txt files. An incorrectly formed robots.txt may prevent search engines from properly spidering web pages within a website.

4. Link Building

Participate in link building opportunities. Building links will increase a website’s popularity and search engines use this as a factor when they weigh search rankings.

5. Integrated Keywords

Integrate the appropriate keywords into the websites header tags. There is no point in optimizing a website for keywords that will not convert. Evaluate keywords and phrases that are most effective, and then integrate them into the website.

6. Participate

The online conversation is no longer a quiet hum. Find related forums and blogs and become part of the community. Participate in the discussion and post thoughtful comments that relate to your industry.

7. Log Analysis

Evaluate your logs to determine the habits of website visitors. If there are pages that a high percentage of potential customers leave your website, be sure to make changes. Evaluate the keyword that attract the website traffic and improve on them.

8. Get Social

Social media is a burgeoning market. Develop a comprehensive plant to integrate social media into your 2009 marketing and promotional campaign. Leverage social media websites to increase your websites popularity and exposure.

9. Usability

Add alt tags to images on your website. This will increase the searchability of your website. Additionally, these types of tactics will make your website easier for the visually impaired to navigate.

10. Go Web 2.0

Add tutorials, podcasts, RSS feeds, and videos to your website as a part of your marketing strategy. All of these interactive elements and mediums can attract new traffic to a website. Additionally, many web 2.0 elements can be promoted in alternative channels, increasing your website’s incoming links.

For the coming year be sure to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve your search engine exposure in 2012.

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